Monday, August 2, 2010

T-Shirt Designs: The Art of Simplification!

Hello there! Ok so I'm currently doing designs for Arck clothing, an awesome limited and personal t-shirt company! Daisy (whitewolf) already has her own personal limited edition of 4 designs with them, which are amazing (Check them out here: ) and also they're of really high quality, so when I was asked to get involved it didn't take much hesitation before I said yes!

Haha but as many of you know I struggle with simplification, so here is the first design I did-

Don't get me wrong, I believe I shall use this design at some point, I quite like my 3 colour palette, but the problem is I forgot they only do one block colour on their t-shirts, d'oh!! So then I had these two:

Which are on the right tracks....BUT, haha are still to complicated in their design, so they're now going to be simplified down to just 2-3 characters each!! It's like a filtering process, however I don't intend to discard these initial designs, maybe they could be t-shirt designs of my own!! So more to come this week from this, expect 4 nice simple designs with the themes of: robots/bears/sweets/ocean ....and yes I know they don't relate!

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