Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Melon Shrub- the saga

Well here we go, Melon Shrub 2 is out, the launch party has been and gone, the artwork is up in Jaguar Shoes and the zine is on sale on etsy.

So It's been a long and insane couple of months! We did all the promotions, we had Micro shrub out before christmas and then we had all the promotional videos, which were as ridiculous as they were amusing! We had the music video which was released as part of the launch party, with the music by James.E.Anderson and filmed by Chris Sadler, with acting rights including Simon Weeds, Becky Snellin, Ross Bowling, Tom Oiller and cameos from myself and Jack- check the link below!


The zine itself was printed and released via printing at kopykat printing in shoreditch! Included some scary moments including a corrupt pdf and scare of losing recycling paper, BUT the first run was printed fantastically and looks awesome! we did a little video to show the zine which is here-

The Zine is also for sale here at my etsy-


It's 8.50 including P+P - for 44 pages and a pull out poster, including a pic from Andrew Joyce! Who's badass!

We're also planning to launch a deluxe edition exclusively through No Guts No Glory, just sorting it out! But it'll include-

-The zine and poster

-Jack's own zine of a short story about the future and somerset house

-A Dvd with hand drawn illustration on the cover containing all the promo videos/ the music video for the melon song mania / the mp3 of the video's song / an exclusive Lemon Tree EP / Original Murray Animations / Micro Shrub PDF / Desktop Backgrounds

We also did the launch party at Jaguar Shoes! Framed pictures are up on the walls which are all for sale, including three originals, they'll be put up on my etsy at the end of their time on the Jaguar Shoes wall in case anyone is interested in getting one! We also had the posters up from the extremely talented art troupe of Jamies Mills, Sandra Deickmann, Natsuki Otani and iamanoctopus !! We also had live music from the band Lemon Tree, a short and lively set of 5 bullish and energetic punk!!! :D

The night was a big success and a BIG BIG thank you to all those who came and especially those who helped to make everything possible, especially since the day started off on the wrong foot with the impounding of my friends car, due to my ill advised suggesting of parking resulting in me paying £200 to get it out! :O

Haha anyway here is some pics of the artwork up!

You'll notice the brand new Dazeray exclusive pic that's there as well :O

So there you go! Melon Shrub 2, it's been a journey, but we got there, buy the zine and see what the fuss is about! And then get ready for melon shrub 3!!!

Find out more from:



Wednesday, March 9, 2011

One more melon shrub poster....

Last but certainly not least is the awesome addition by Natsuki Otani to the melon shrub launch party poster series! Check it out and also Nat's work here- http://www.natsukiotani.co.uk/

One more melon shrub poster

Other bits and bobs.....

While I'm on this big updating marathon, did everyone see my submissions for the "If I was You" project by Sandra Deickmann and my "Multi-Verse Man" for Vis/Res issue 3?

Check out the links to these awesome things below and behold the pics if you have yet to see them!


http://www.visr.es/ (also buy an issue, theyre awesome!!!)

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Ballad Of Drawing Event!

Am I mental? Of course I am, as along with totem poles, and all of melon shrub this month I also made time to take part in another party event with Ballad Of magazine to draw tee's along with awesome illustrating buddies, jamie mills, iamanoctopus, sandra deickmann and natsuki otani !! The night was a good laugh and people seemed very happy with the finished articles we produced! I hope more pics of the actual tshirts appear online, but in the mean time enjoy these pics uploaded of me and the gang drawing and a very happy customer with a toastie-o tee I made!!!

Melon Shrub Poster Series

March= MELON SHRUB MONTH......yes I know i said the same about february, but come on did you not see the onslaught of weird videos I gave you guys that month!? Anyway- it's all happening, the zine is all wrapped up, me and Jack are just sorting out the printing along with an official release date and another digital give away to get you guys excited! The launch party organisation is all going under way- music is being written, videos are being recorded (some MENTAL filming happening this saturday), frames are being bought, drawings are being designed and something also very awesome....

An AMAZING poster series by illustrator extraordinaires Sandra Deickmann, Jamie Mills and Iamanoctopus (Erd Octotoro) (also soon to feature Natsuki Otani )

Check these awesome posters out!!

For more info on the melon shrub launch party/the zine and melon shrub full stop head over to-http://themelonshrub.blogspot.com/ or http://twitter.com/#!/melonshrub

Also for more from our awesome illustrators check out their links- (in reverse order starting from the bottom image up...you know just to be REALLY annoying)

http://www.jamie-mills.com/ - Jamie Mills

http://www.sandradieckmann.com/ - sandra dieckmann

http://iamanoctopus.co.uk/octo/index.html - Iamanoctopus


Finished totem pole for inkygoodness totem pole installation at Pictoplasmo! http://inkygoodness.com/projects/character-totem/

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


It's March- and march means the release of MELON SHRUB 2!!!! Oh my lord, it is finally nearly upon us, the zine is finished and now going under the laborious effort to get printed and packaged for you lovely lovely people!!! and also there is the launch party coming up- with so many exciting features!!

- There's going to be an exhibition of artwork from the zine plus one or two originals from myself

- A Brand new awesome large print from Dazeray (being myself an illustrator genius Daisy Whitehouse)

- A series of Promotional Posters from the amazing illustrative minds of Jamie Mills ( http://www.jamie-mills.com/ ) iamanoctopus (http://iamanoctopus.co.uk/octo/index.html ) Natsuki Otani ( http://www.natsukiotani.co.uk/ ) and Sandra Deickmann ( http://www.sandradieckmann.com/ ) which there will be more info in the next coming week!

(Also we're doing a live drawing together this friday at jaguar shoes for Ballad Of, come along if you're about!!!!)

- A range of bizarre projected video art including the disturbing promotional videos as well as the new music video I'm making for Lemon Tree and other oddities!!

- A performance from Lemon Tree- the noise band legends, back for one night only!!!!

- Music + Partying!!!