Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Melon Shrub Launch Party

Melon Shrub Launch Party Announced! It's gonna be a biggie- we've got framed artwork from the zine / new awesome illustration from Dazeray plus one or two unseen illustrations from myself! We've got a bunch of video art including the promotional videos set up on a projector screen alongside live music from LEMON TREE: who are reforming for one night only to deliver a whole new experience of their alternative noise rock!!! There will also be DJ's with music as well (TBA what DJ's) !! And the best part is it's free! Head over to the facebook group here to get yourself in the list as due to being in the basement it's gonna be tight- so first come, first in for the night!!!

Stay Tuned for more details on the night as there are one of two other surprises as well as most importantly the official launch date of the zine in March!!! SHAZAAAAAM!

Inkygoodness Totem Pole Update

Howdy! So I did the inkygoodness totem live drawing saturday just gone, part of the london leg tour at vibe bar, shoreditch! Day was great (bar me breaking the head of my totem and some MENTAL woman!) Everyone there was an inspiration in illustration and truly great to meet! the downside however was the time was too constraining to finish, so I'm currently finishing my totem at home!

The pictures don't do the acrylics real justice, but here's some progress on my "faces" totem (my plan for the totem was to go traditional and do an individual face one each side of the totem!)

Monday, February 21, 2011

New Illo- for the laughs!

Hey!!! I'm gonna have a HUGE update soon to tell you all about myself in the I heart dot dot dot zine, Vis_Res zine (which I can't wait to get my grabby hands on- go buy it!!!) the inkygoodness totem live draw (which im still finishing right now!) and of course all the melon shrub news (videos/ the zine release / the launch party....which is the 24th of march, KEEP IT FREE! GO TO IT!) but yea I'll be yabbering on about these soon enough....but for now here's a new illustration to share!

It was originally planned for Melon Shrub 2, but was dropped as we decided not to go down a satirical route, but I like it so thought, smeg it, let's blog it! The content is cheeky... it's my little tribute to the characters of babycakes (or more correctly known as bbycks ) who is a millionaire t-shirt designer that Daisy introduced to me online. The only problem I had was when i realised these designs were based on characters who looked like they didn't quite make the cut when they were casting for tetris!!! So in my black comic fashion I decided to celebrate this character the only way I know how.........

by blowing his brains up of course!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

New update!!!

Hello! Crikey these blog updates become more incoherent all the time! OK- Melon Shrub- It's Nearly finished and it's looking good, I swear to rocko's modern life!!! The first Promo video (out of 4) comes out this weekend and the zine is now a sure thing for march in print and sale! ... what alas isn't confirmed yet is whether the launch party and following exhibition at Jaguar Shoes, still waiting for final confirmation- BUT fingers crossed!!! So YESSS! February is about to get very umm Melon-y!!!

Other exciting news- I'm one of fifty illustrators par taking in inkygoodness' installation project for which is held in Berlin in April! How awesome is that! More on this as it comes- but having my work exhibited in berlin? yes please!

Me and Daisy ( ) may have set up another really exciting large scale piece for us for Dazeray! Plus the work on our new exhibition project has begun.... still top secret though beforeo ur June exhibition ;) !!!

I had said in a previous post that I had some featured work coming out soon, and here's one of them!! I heart dot dot dot's "My Favourite Place" has now been released for sale with my work featured alongside these awesome illustrators-

Barbara Ana Gomez / Matthew Ellero / Emma Cowley / Helen Macdonald / Natalie Hughes / Melanie Chadwick / Gillian Gibson / Daria Hlazatova / Sarah McGarva

You can purchase the zine here- which I am doing right at this very moment! I'll have to be patient to see what it looks like before it gets sent to me- BUT you can now check out the illustration I submitted for it...

If you buy the zine there's also SOUND included!! How awesome is that!? So you better go check it out now ;) I have more work to come as well as I'll be involved in the next "Vis/Res" and "Burst magazine" which is pretty damn cool! :D

Lastly- my oldest clients, "Bad Bread" - the hilarious comedy sketch group, of whom are good friends (Saw a show of theirs last night and it was hilarious!) have asked me for a new set of posters/flyers etc. for this years coming edinburgh fringe festival and other gigs throughout the year- here's one I had to put together very quickly, haha but I like it!

Thats it for now! I now I've been harping on about Melon Shrub for months now but it really is so close, and I'm not kidding, there's a BUNDLE of new and unseen illustrations ready for your eyes- I can't wait! Keep your eyes peeled for the promo videos, first one this sunday!!!! As a final note to get you excited- here's a pic taken from the night of filming!