Monday, April 23, 2012

The Legacy of Toastie-O

So at the moment I'm currently working on the content for Macro Shrub #3, due out at the end of May, and I'm deep in the midst of finishing the second part of the new Toastie-O comic that started in Issue #2. The Second part promises to have alot of ridiculous action and drama, including some of the most ridiculous characters I've made to date, so as a way to get everyone excited I thought I would do a special blog post showing Toastie-O #1 and the first 3 pages from Macro Shrub #2...
To see the what happens in the rest of Toastie-O "The Ballad of Buttertron" Part One, head over to and buy a copy of Macro Shrub #2 now for only 4.50 including P+P!!! To see the exciting concluding battle between Buttertron and Toastie-O, be sure to make sure you keep your eyes peeled for Macro Shrub Issue #3 coming out at the end of May!!!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Macro Shrub #1 - Better pictures!

When we photographed Macro Shrub #2, we also photographed much better pics of the first issue as well, which you can now enjoy here! (Macro #1 is currently unavailable to buy whilst we promote issue #2 and sort out the shop- but if you REALLY want one then contact me at

And don't forget to check out for all Macro Shrub news and to purchase Macro Shrub #2 !!!

Enjoy the pics!