Sunday, March 28, 2010

FOR SALE- details

I've got quite abit of stock atm in terms of my merch, so here's a list of things for sale and let me know if you want one, I'll soon be making an etsy to make this process easier! If you're not in birmingham and you want me to post it all I charge is the exact postage price.

-Dinosaur's Conversation A1 Poster: £4

- Toastie-O w/ free Toastie-O badge: £3.50

- Symmtricrite: £2

- Melon Shrub w/Free Drumming bear poster and badge: £4.50

Plus don't forget My balloon illustration is now up for sale on boomtique for £12 and my work is also on sale in Created in Birmingham in the bull ring!


Ok so have not updated anything in a little bit, so here is a huge onslaught of things I've been up to! First off was at london with mr jack ryan burston yesterday selling the first edition of Melon Shrub at the THING 2010, web and independent comics fair! Was fairly quiet, but managed to sell 15/20 of our first batch and got a general vibe of appreciation so a really confident start to this zine hopefully becoming a permanent fixture!

Next, the mural for the jewellery quarter space that me and daisy are working on is pretty much complete, the version I've got up has had since small alterations, but nothing major was required to fix, so hurrah! We're aiming for it to get put up mid april along with maybe having a small function including the press to cover it! The other amazing news with this is that we now have secured permission to do an exhibition in mid may, which will updated closer to the time but worth getting excited about now! Ohh and a limited number of postcards are being made!

Have just submitted my three designs to the YCN for the o2 arena illustration brief, which worked out quite nicely if for at the least giving me a new batch of characters to play with!

Lastly I've been accepted into the Just Us collective, but that's all still abit vague so will update once the website goes live! On top of that I'll be putting more work into the Creative in Birmingham shop in the bullring on tuesday, if anyone has a request of my work make sure to ask now!

I think I may catch up on sleep now.....

Saturday, March 20, 2010

"Up in the Air" Tshirt goes on sale at BOOMtique and Toastie-o up for submission!

Hello!- alot of updates coming soon, but first up my Balloon illustration has now become a t-shirt being sold along with the launch of Boomtique, Creative Boom's new online store! Hurray! So you can now own your very own "Up in the Air" limited edition tshirt for only £12! Plus My toastie-o is also up for submission for the following month, so please free to vote for it :D