Tuesday, August 31, 2010

OutSmart Car 2010 Submission

Hey! So I submitted a piece to the awesome OutSmart 2010 (http://outsmart2010.blogspot.com/ ) and here it is! :D

Monday, August 30, 2010

I Would Be...

Here's a little something I did for this fun project pioneered by Tahgasa Bertram (Sweaty Eskimo)- the project is called "I would be" , the aim of the project is for illustrators/designers to simply create an image to respond to the idea of themselves being something if they weren't in their particular artistic field, check out more here at the link- http://www.sweatyeskimo.co.uk/iwouldbe.html The project at some point will materialize into something to showcase the work at some point, but for now it's just a really fun idea!

So here's mine, very stereotypically me= ridiculous

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Intruder T-Shirts

Ok everyone here's the deal! I'm getting a limited edition design from my new "Game Over" series printed for Intruder Records new clothing label in october, lush high quality screen printed tees! There's no catch here, the tee shall exist, BUT the question is which one out of the four!? YOU get to decide, go to http://www.intruderrecords.co.uk/author/murraythemongoose/

and vote/rate your favourite design out of the four! The one with the highest vote/rate will be selected and printed, so get voting out of the four designs below! Boo-Yah! Did I mention the prices of the selected Tee is going to be Insane...but can't give it all away just yet :P

Game-Over Tee Designs

Hello! Yes it's t-shirt mania, I'm now working with Intruder Records (http://www.intruderrecords.co.uk/) designing t-shirts for the clothing label they're going to start! So awesome times, details of the promotions/exact t-shirts etc. and the rest will soon to come, but in the mean time enjoy these new designs based around the defeat from evil bosses in my "Game-Over" series, and imagine yourself and your excited sweaty hands in owning one! :D

Monday, August 23, 2010

Progress update on New A1 Piece

Hello hello! More work and more work! I've continued progress on my ambitious on-going project "Conversing" in which I'm drawing all types of bizarre drawings and characters in massive orgies of conversation and chaos!

(See the first piece, the A0 mammoth "A Dinosaur's Conversation" - http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_Bsh1ft6jviI/Sxlu-4SvYZI/AAAAAAAAAmI/SDWjaLefgss/s1600-h/Dinosaurtalk.jpg )

So I'm about a quarter the way through the second edition to this series...they do take some time, optimistically aiming to have it finished this week, but in the mean time here are some pics I took of it, obviously they aren't hugely high res due to not being scans...the error of working large scale, but hopefully gives you an idea of how it's shaping and the madness to come!


Thursday, August 19, 2010

TehBus Food Blog Header

I've just completed this quickly for http://www.tehbus.com/ an awesome blog on different places to eat in london! It won't be up for a while as the blog re-design will take a while, but you should check it out now anyway for all the useful tips on where to eat! It's great!

Anyway here is some more what I guess could be described as cute murray art, from now on we shall call it: Murr-ute............maybe not!

Guess who's back...

That's right, after a long suspenseful wait, Toastie-O is returning!! This cover is for the Comic landscape project currently happening in solihull, birmingham for kids aged 9-14! The program is combining comics and illustrative narrative with education (wish I was back in school!) They're wanting comic book covers for the kids to then create their own stories based on the covers on the inside- this is when I hatched a plan! I'm currently negotiating that I want to receive all the stories based on this toastie-o cover from the kids, and that the best one, I shall pick and illustrate into the second issue of Toastie-O! How could this not be fun, plus some youngster will have his credentials on my work! Regardless though, Toastie-O is on the return, crumb-tastic! Enjoy this teasing cover for now!

For those who don't know who toastie-o is (where've you been?) you can buy the first issue at my etsy and find out about all his adventures in the fight against Marmitron, the evil robot who puts the yeast in yeast extract!! Only 12 left though of this edition...!!


It's a tad bit early....

Yes I too hate all those people harping on about christmas any time before the 1st of december, but alas I must eat my own shit sandwich! I've submitted work off to Ben Steers lovely "All I want for christmas is..." ( http://www.alliwantforchristmascards.com/ ) which from the submissions 20 awesome illustrators will have their designs picked and sold as a set together for the christmas spirit and all the proceeds go towards the charity "Young Bristol"! (Certainly feel I should represent seeing as I use to live in calne!) As per usual I like to jump into these things head first, so my design is done and finished, and here it is if anyone wants to have a gander of what I sent off!

...I warn you, this is alot "Cuter" than my usual work...

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Simpler designs and possible finals!

In the ever battle to finish my designs for my limited edition of 4 t-shirt designs with arck clothing I now have a new improved list of designs, hopefully finished designs at that, people let me know which ones you would consider wearing!! :D

Friday, August 13, 2010

Coloured map Illustration!

Howdy- I have added some colour to my piece for Adam Hayes Map Project! Hopefully should be up soon, I'll put a shout out when it does, in the mean time enjoy the illustration here and let me know what ya think!!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

T-Shirts, T-Shirts, T-Shirts!!!

Ok so I've gone a little t-shirt design mad recently! In the process of working with Arck (remember those lovely people-http://www.arckclothing.com/ ) , which is still very on btw, I'm moving onto the final 4 images I think, so be prepared for even simpler Murray-esque drawings!!! (I know, scary!) But, moving on from my tangent, in the process of working with these designs I've ended up submitting past designs or unused designs to other t-shirt venues, I mean hey? why not!? And of course one of them is the infamous threadless, where I have to ask you lovely people to vote for my designs!! Will it work out, haha probably not, but meh why not! Let's give it a go, so below are the 4 links to my t-shirt designs! :)



Up In The Sky

Hide and Seek


(Ohh yea I'm going to be featured in Art Box magazine- SCORE! :D )

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Thought Process Map!

Finished image for Adam Hayes Map Project- The piece represents a chaotic game board like map, which defines my thought process, a mental and odd route to which directions can lead to all different answers and routes, before eventually finding my way to an idea! And the day I dont't I'll most likely be dead :)

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Work In Progress!

Half way through a piece I'm submitting to Adam Hayes Map project, the musical influence mind map has been put on hold as it's very time consuming, so decided to try my hand at something more...me! As per usual with the nature of these kind of drawings I do, there is no pre planning or sketching, hence why I decided to show the image half way through as it could radically change at any point today! A finalised image should hopefully be up some stupid time tonight! I'm not usually a process kinda guy, so shall be interesting to chronicle this one to pin point my biggest decisions I make!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Update- More to Come

Got alot of unfinished pieces in the works at the moment, haha my time management is a little off kilter, but as I strived and promised, here are some new t-shirt design ideas! Going for more simple and cute with these ones- as crazy as that may seem!!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

New Outsider Art

Some more mental imagery coming in part of what is building up to a set of work involved with the mussolini twins, how mysterious!

T-Shirt Design Update!

Working away on these new simpler designs, here's four I finished over the last day or so, let me know what people think, was aiming for short and sweet! Alot more to come, including Super Whale!!!!

Monday, August 2, 2010

T-Shirt Designs: The Art of Simplification!

Hello there! Ok so I'm currently doing designs for Arck clothing, an awesome limited and personal t-shirt company! Daisy (whitewolf) already has her own personal limited edition of 4 designs with them, which are amazing (Check them out here: http://www.arckclothing.com/index.php?infoBox=1&cPath=356 ) and also they're of really high quality, so when I was asked to get involved it didn't take much hesitation before I said yes!

Haha but as many of you know I struggle with simplification, so here is the first design I did-

Don't get me wrong, I believe I shall use this design at some point, I quite like my 3 colour palette, but the problem is I forgot they only do one block colour on their t-shirts, d'oh!! So then I had these two:

Which are on the right tracks....BUT, haha are still to complicated in their design, so they're now going to be simplified down to just 2-3 characters each!! It's like a filtering process, however I don't intend to discard these initial designs, maybe they could be t-shirt designs of my own!! So more to come this week from this, expect 4 nice simple designs with the themes of: robots/bears/sweets/ocean ....and yes I know they don't relate!