Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Birth of Skullbot

Skullbot is one of my newest creations and is now an exclusive webcomic that will be featuring at Middleboopmag ( ) every week! Whether it be music related or just plain getting into some crazy adventures- skullbot will be there to educate and entertain! I hope you enjoy! Here's a catch up on the last two weeks, and remember stay tuned every tuesday for more "Skullbot"! (really need to get him a badass theme tune... any takers? )

(For best results to read them, open them up in another browser window and enlarge them there! :D )

Belly Kids Bill Murray Colouring In Book!

So I'm actually a HUGE Bill Murray fan. Like seriously, I don't think there's one film he's been in that I don't like! So naturally when Belly Kids asked if I wanted to be involved in a Bill Murray Colouring in Book - I said YES and now I'm one of 25 awesome illustrators (seriously did you check the list, they're awesome!) who have drawn Bill Murray, both coloured and left black and white for you to have a go yourself!

Check out all the info here at Belly kids:

And below is my coloured drawing of Bill Murray...having escaped groundhog day he's gotten a lil older... you know like real life?

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Macro Shrub #3 Launch...

Yes! It's true, we spoke with the queen herself and her majesty is very excited about our forthcoming issue of macro shrub! However we forgot that our launch coincides with her Jubilee weekend, and what with the busy festivities and disruption of the post office etc. it looks like the queen will miss her chance to read macro shrub #3 straight away! So we said no problem queenie, we'll launch it AFTER the jubilee weekend so you can rest your feet with a cuppa and enjoy our literature and art! MACRO SHRUB #3 OUT ON JUNE 6th and now at only £4.00 including post and packaging!!!!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Brian Wilson

My good friend Simon Weeds is now a regular contributor to Who's Jack Mag, writing interesting articles on the music world! I'm now doing a regular illustration contribution for each of his articles and the first one is up today about the beach boy's 50th anniversary tour! Check out si's article here at who's jack mag: and enjoy the picture I did of a "happy" brian wilson below!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

More "fan" doodles

I must say I've never really been into doing any sort of "fan" art, but warming up with doing these quick felt tip doodles from evangelion and gundam have been way too much fun! I think I'm gonna keep doing these as a regular thing! Check out a selection of my doodles today, the 3rd angel from evangelion and two of the mobile suits from gundam wing! (I always preferred the design of the standard mobile suits in gundam than the gundams irks me that the gundams always looked glamorous, were the scientists who made them into bling or something? ) I should really start doodling these higher on the page to fit in their feet!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Macro Shrub #3 Poster

Macro Shrub #3 is out at the end of this month and with this month's issue you get an awesome free poster, which will look a little like this... (because this is actually the poster...)

Evangelion Sketch

After loving the gundam sketches by Jon Boam and then watching evangelion last night (if you haven't watched neon genesis evangelion then i suggest you do) I started doodling with my felt tip and blasted out this lil fan pic of eva:01 - think I'm gonna do more as it was really fun! Check it out!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Avon Cottage

Avon Cottage, you know that band I play bass in with my best friends that have been on and off for like the last 5 years? Well we're finally ready to try and take on the world this summer, with 10 new songs under our belt nearly perfected we should be gigging around June/July in london- so to get excited, here's some new band artwork from me, continuing my odd obsession with weird, naked hairy dinosaurs playing guitar, whom have cottages for heads! I promise you... you won't be disappointed!

Macro Shrub #3 - Coming Soon

Cannot believe how quickly time is going!! So Macro Shrub #2 has been a big success, we've been featured in Article Magazine and have stock on sale within Lik+Neon in London's Brick lane and in No Guts No Glory in Exeter- BUT it's time to start looking ahead to the next instalment! Macro Shrub #3 will be released on 31st May and will have a "Versus" theme, so get your competition face on! Don't forget their will be the second part of Toastie-O's latest adventure in this issue following on from Macro Shrub #2!! So keep your eyes peeled at and our blog