Wednesday, July 4, 2012

I've Moved House...

I've been with blogger for probably about 3 years now...but the time has come to pack my bags and move in with the hip and trendy Tumblr where we can order pizza and dance the night away. Due to the large backload of content there is here on this blog, it'll remain up with all it's previous content as a kind of archive- but I won't be posting any new updates on here from now on!

From now on all Murray blog posts will be here...  (Yes I know it looks very similar thank you very much!) so I hope you'll stick with me and follow all my crazy artistic outings there with me from now on! Thanks to blogger for being a good sport about it all eh?

(as a going away present, here's that melon shrub 2 video we made about a year ago that involves a melon falling on my head!)

Monday, July 2, 2012

Cal Banda

I'm working on a lot of things across the board atm, but one of the most fun things is this illustration I've been doing for my friend Sam's band "Cal Banda"! Sam used to be in this awesome prog metal band called "Acres of Ocean" and his new band is even more slick with a great punk sound, so was an honour to produce some artwork for them! Haha it's just a shame it's taking so long- here's the rough drawing, coloured edited picture coming soon...

Friday, June 8, 2012

Super Awesome Robot

So today at work I had a chance to doodle on my break and started humming this theme song for a guy called "Super Awesome Robot" and this is what I imagined he would look like:

Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Macro Shrub #3 is finally here! The third issue from me and jack's zine series for 2012! We've got yet another awesome cover from Daisy Whitewolf ( an updated version of Eurico Sa Fernades ( exclusive Macro Typography and of original illustrations and writing from me and jack crammed cover to cover!

However there's lots of other awesome things to announce- firstly being that all Macro Shrubs will now only be £4.00 each including postage which you can see if you head over to the Melon Shrub Shop! Secondly, with this issue you get this exclusive free Macro Shrub Poster (excuse the grainy iphone photo...I assure you it's BADASS)

Issue #3 also see's the exciting conclusion to Toastie-O vs Buttertron following on from issue #2! 

Exciting new stories from Jack, inspired from his trip to Bratislava...

Obviously we don't want to give EVERYTHING away, so you'll have to buy the zine to know more...but I promise you there's pokemon...well "Macromon". Head over to Melon Shrub for the whole experience and don't forget to check out our exclusive interview video we did for Just Us  where you get to see what me and Jack really look like... (I placed an embed to the video here as well for you lazy people- I know who you are!) 


Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Birth of Skullbot

Skullbot is one of my newest creations and is now an exclusive webcomic that will be featuring at Middleboopmag ( ) every week! Whether it be music related or just plain getting into some crazy adventures- skullbot will be there to educate and entertain! I hope you enjoy! Here's a catch up on the last two weeks, and remember stay tuned every tuesday for more "Skullbot"! (really need to get him a badass theme tune... any takers? )

(For best results to read them, open them up in another browser window and enlarge them there! :D )

Belly Kids Bill Murray Colouring In Book!

So I'm actually a HUGE Bill Murray fan. Like seriously, I don't think there's one film he's been in that I don't like! So naturally when Belly Kids asked if I wanted to be involved in a Bill Murray Colouring in Book - I said YES and now I'm one of 25 awesome illustrators (seriously did you check the list, they're awesome!) who have drawn Bill Murray, both coloured and left black and white for you to have a go yourself!

Check out all the info here at Belly kids:

And below is my coloured drawing of Bill Murray...having escaped groundhog day he's gotten a lil older... you know like real life?