Thursday, August 19, 2010

Guess who's back...

That's right, after a long suspenseful wait, Toastie-O is returning!! This cover is for the Comic landscape project currently happening in solihull, birmingham for kids aged 9-14! The program is combining comics and illustrative narrative with education (wish I was back in school!) They're wanting comic book covers for the kids to then create their own stories based on the covers on the inside- this is when I hatched a plan! I'm currently negotiating that I want to receive all the stories based on this toastie-o cover from the kids, and that the best one, I shall pick and illustrate into the second issue of Toastie-O! How could this not be fun, plus some youngster will have his credentials on my work! Regardless though, Toastie-O is on the return, crumb-tastic! Enjoy this teasing cover for now!

For those who don't know who toastie-o is (where've you been?) you can buy the first issue at my etsy and find out about all his adventures in the fight against Marmitron, the evil robot who puts the yeast in yeast extract!! Only 12 left though of this edition...!!

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