Thursday, August 12, 2010

T-Shirts, T-Shirts, T-Shirts!!!

Ok so I've gone a little t-shirt design mad recently! In the process of working with Arck (remember those lovely people- ) , which is still very on btw, I'm moving onto the final 4 images I think, so be prepared for even simpler Murray-esque drawings!!! (I know, scary!) But, moving on from my tangent, in the process of working with these designs I've ended up submitting past designs or unused designs to other t-shirt venues, I mean hey? why not!? And of course one of them is the infamous threadless, where I have to ask you lovely people to vote for my designs!! Will it work out, haha probably not, but meh why not! Let's give it a go, so below are the 4 links to my t-shirt designs! :)



Up In The Sky

Hide and Seek


(Ohh yea I'm going to be featured in Art Box magazine- SCORE! :D )

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