Saturday, July 31, 2010

Mussolini Twins/Outsider Art

Hello! More work! ahhh! Ok so I've been getting back involved with my illustration mark making for two reasons- One: For the project I'm working under the name of "The Mussolini Twins" with Jack Burston, an art-music avant garde project on the go. Secondly it also fell in tune for the call of entries by spike dennis, for an exhibition regarding monsters to be exhibited in cardiff in november! Initially for the call for entries I went for my classic humour route, the first sketch is what came to mind at the beginning-

However, from reading the details of the submission more intently I realised they wanted something more edgy and interesting, and as an avid lover of outsider art, I realised now was my chance to dabble once again whilst working within the Mussolini Twins bracket, here were the progressed results! :

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