Monday, July 18, 2011


Just been doodling and sketching- been playing street fighter again so things kinda along a beat-em up format! Thought it would be fun to just post up some of my scribbles- one of them is a collab from me and daisy, the other I just drew today for fun! These might return more finished and coloured, but for now enjoy!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Inkygoodness Home Coming! Birmingham!!!

Next week Inkygoodness are exhibiting the homecoming of the character-totems, back from their success over at Pictoplasma in Berlin! Along with a whole horde of awesome illustrations and illustrators, this event looks like it's gonna be immense! I've got my totem, a couple of frames and my submission with the next issue of AMMO all being displayed that night, so it's gonna be a good time! I can't wait! It's at the zellig, custard factory in Birmingham! So if you're around, check it all out! Details are all on the flyer below!

Submission For Young Pines

Couldn't help myself to upload this pic a little prematurely (no pun intended) for submission to Young Pines great project to include literature and art around the idea on erotic mythology! Check out all the details here - but in the mean time enjoy my mental submission here-

Live Tee Drawing with Iamanoctopus and Jamie Milk: Cloud Control

Greetings! Blog has been looking light of late- been busy with this and that, and who's and why's etc. etc.! BUT anyway here's some pics of me drawing with the hilarious and awesome illustrative pair iamanocotopus and Jamie Milk at the social bar for Cloud Control's four night gig stint they put on! Things that were drawn that night- daleks, angry skies, guys with holes in their head and a particular pastiche that I won't go into......