Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Busy Hop Scotch!

Hello! Another big update here! Projects all over the place, haha there will be a back log of catching up at some point, but more importantly let's see what I've been up to!!

Firstly I've been working on storyboards for my own little animations alongside Wonky Films (http://www.wonkyfilms.com/) which followed on from my conjoined twins series, this is all still early days and I don't want to jump the gun, so it's very much a stage by stage process and we'll see where it goes, due to this I don't want to spoil too much about the actual gags, so you'll have so suffice with these lil images I've given here, but hopefully (fingers crossed x100) there will be more development- so watch this space!!

So moving on from that, I have the pleasure to announce another Daze-ray exhibition, which will be at the lovely "Here and Now" gallery in Falmouth, June 2011! Obviously very early days and me and Daisy have alot to work out, but in the spirit of things here's a little illustration I've done as a teaser of what maybe to expect....... :O

I've started work on another project with long time collaborator Jack burston (who currently has a new blog going- http://jackburston.tumblr.com/ ) on what currently is an ambiguous music/art project, all you need to know so far is that it involves mussolini, a bail of hay and twins- here's an illustration to kick things going! (this will also somehow incorporate my return to lemon mountain ideas- in case anyone thought that had disappeared!)

I'm currently working on a big piece to submit to Adam Hayes interesting map project (http://make-maps.blogspot.com/ )- alas I'm not use to doing portraiture so it's taking a little longer than planned, here's an example of some of the faces I've done so far, it's planned to be a giant map of my musical influences!

Lastly for this post, here's a little something I whipped up for the Just Us collective who wanted something related to E-Spam, I've just finished a new piece, so this is probably not the one I'm going with, but thought it would be fun to share...because sharing is fun!!!

(Edit: I actually went with an edited version of the Spam-o-lop-o-gop as my final for the Just Us, so instead here is other idea, the E-spam-inator)

That's all for now, planned for the future is more Toastie-O and more Master Tompkins Marvellous Travelling Machines (I'm sure that name keeps changing!!) and as always feel free to contact me if you so wish- murraysomerville@hotmail.com

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