Friday, July 9, 2010

Still alive and still very much drawing

Has finishing uni stopped my artistic output? In a nutshell- no! Excluding the already blogged poster for the fringe performance by Bad Bread, I'm waist deep in other projects! For starters I'm currently featured on the creative boom birmingham site with my banner being used for the month:

But should also be popping up in some other areas in the coming months, including cut click and the Sasquatch website- both of which are going through exciting times so I would look them both up! But enough of show boating, I'm also currently involved in storyboards with Wonky Films, don't want to reveal too much about this yet as it's all a little hush hush, but it's an excellent opportunity! There are many prospective projects on the horizon, don't worry a re-haul and reorganization of melon shrub will be coming including issue 2 and the search for contributors! Daze-Ray are currently discussing their next project together and potential opportunities to exhibit next year. But moving on I've started ground work on two new personal projects, The first will be a new short graphic novel story of a travelling group of castaways who ride a large unknown creature- more to come on this one! The second is a conceptual illustrative narrative called "Return To Lemon Mountain" which similar to my last piece of work, will be primarily single imaged based, but aims to be more elaborate! Below are two sketches on my beginnings of this!

Overall things are in motion, I'm still looking for more on my plate so if you are interested in getting in touch with me then you know how (If you don't I'm implying by email- ! ) but yea there will be alot more blogging of images over these coming weeks I can asure you all!

Enjoy these images!

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