Tuesday, March 1, 2011


It's March- and march means the release of MELON SHRUB 2!!!! Oh my lord, it is finally nearly upon us, the zine is finished and now going under the laborious effort to get printed and packaged for you lovely lovely people!!! and also there is the launch party coming up- with so many exciting features!!

- There's going to be an exhibition of artwork from the zine plus one or two originals from myself

- A Brand new awesome large print from Dazeray (being myself an illustrator genius Daisy Whitehouse)

- A series of Promotional Posters from the amazing illustrative minds of Jamie Mills ( http://www.jamie-mills.com/ ) iamanoctopus (http://iamanoctopus.co.uk/octo/index.html ) Natsuki Otani ( http://www.natsukiotani.co.uk/ ) and Sandra Deickmann ( http://www.sandradieckmann.com/ ) which there will be more info in the next coming week!

(Also we're doing a live drawing together this friday at jaguar shoes for Ballad Of, come along if you're about!!!!)

- A range of bizarre projected video art including the disturbing promotional videos as well as the new music video I'm making for Lemon Tree and other oddities!!

- A performance from Lemon Tree- the noise band legends, back for one night only!!!!

- Music + Partying!!!

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