Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Melon Shrub Launch Party

Melon Shrub Launch Party Announced! It's gonna be a biggie- we've got framed artwork from the zine / new awesome illustration from Dazeray plus one or two unseen illustrations from myself! We've got a bunch of video art including the promotional videos set up on a projector screen alongside live music from LEMON TREE: who are reforming for one night only to deliver a whole new experience of their alternative noise rock!!! There will also be DJ's with music as well (TBA what DJ's) !! And the best part is it's free! Head over to the facebook group here to get yourself in the list as due to being in the basement it's gonna be tight- so first come, first in for the night!!!

Stay Tuned for more details on the night as there are one of two other surprises as well as most importantly the official launch date of the zine in March!!! SHAZAAAAAM!

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