Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Melon Shrub Poster Series

March= MELON SHRUB MONTH......yes I know i said the same about february, but come on did you not see the onslaught of weird videos I gave you guys that month!? Anyway- it's all happening, the zine is all wrapped up, me and Jack are just sorting out the printing along with an official release date and another digital give away to get you guys excited! The launch party organisation is all going under way- music is being written, videos are being recorded (some MENTAL filming happening this saturday), frames are being bought, drawings are being designed and something also very awesome....

An AMAZING poster series by illustrator extraordinaires Sandra Deickmann, Jamie Mills and Iamanoctopus (Erd Octotoro) (also soon to feature Natsuki Otani )

Check these awesome posters out!!

For more info on the melon shrub launch party/the zine and melon shrub full stop head over to-http://themelonshrub.blogspot.com/ or http://twitter.com/#!/melonshrub

Also for more from our awesome illustrators check out their links- (in reverse order starting from the bottom image up...you know just to be REALLY annoying)

http://www.jamie-mills.com/ - Jamie Mills

http://www.sandradieckmann.com/ - sandra dieckmann

http://iamanoctopus.co.uk/octo/index.html - Iamanoctopus

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