Monday, February 21, 2011

New Illo- for the laughs!

Hey!!! I'm gonna have a HUGE update soon to tell you all about myself in the I heart dot dot dot zine, Vis_Res zine (which I can't wait to get my grabby hands on- go buy it!!!) the inkygoodness totem live draw (which im still finishing right now!) and of course all the melon shrub news (videos/ the zine release / the launch party....which is the 24th of march, KEEP IT FREE! GO TO IT!) but yea I'll be yabbering on about these soon enough....but for now here's a new illustration to share!

It was originally planned for Melon Shrub 2, but was dropped as we decided not to go down a satirical route, but I like it so thought, smeg it, let's blog it! The content is cheeky... it's my little tribute to the characters of babycakes (or more correctly known as bbycks ) who is a millionaire t-shirt designer that Daisy introduced to me online. The only problem I had was when i realised these designs were based on characters who looked like they didn't quite make the cut when they were casting for tetris!!! So in my black comic fashion I decided to celebrate this character the only way I know how.........

by blowing his brains up of course!

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