Wednesday, September 7, 2011

It's been a month....

It's been a month since my last update and I'm not even quite sure how to start on updating what I've been up to......! Let's try!

First things first, I'm part of the "Versus" Volume 2 playing card project, an exhibition and playing card pack which is orchestrated by Dave Ashby and includes 13 unique artists making a set each for a pack of cards! I can't show any pics due to the unveiling of the work on thurs 8th of sept in Bristol....which is today!!! Go check out more details here! Should be awesome, I alas can't make it, but if you can, then go, go go!!!

I've also been working on commissions- two of which have been alongside Daisy Whitehouse in our "Dazeray" collective! One of them is finished which is going to be an AWESOME tent for company FIELD CANDY, more details as they're allowed to be released! The other is an on going project with the university of warwick on a website design!

An individual commission which is just coming to an end is my work for company cardoo, producing two sets of kids cards for them, here's a sneak peek of one!

I did a weekly feature for Just Us' Blog through out August! You can see a bunch of the pics here or alternatively backdate through the blog itself Check out a couple of drawings-

Ok so the big announcement if anyone doesn't know, that following my successful win with Becks back in march to have my design sprayed and painted as a mural on great eastern street in london, Becks actually wanted to also put the design on their bottles as part of the music art label promotion! So limited to the uk, approx 8million bottles are being distributed out this month! umm yea thats pretty goddamn COOL!!! go get one- im running an informal competition for people to post up photographs with them and around some time in october I'm going to pick my favourite one and give them a free signed special copy of melon shrub 2!!!! (apologies for the rubbish photo booth picture...ill take good ones just being lazy for the sake of finishing this post!!!)

And let's talk about melon shrub!!! Issue 2 is still selling like hot cakes over at no guts no glory and we've nearly sold all out, with no reprints- they were limited edition didn't you know! But me and fellow creator are looking to the future of the shrub, and are planning to hit 2012 in a BIG way, creating a bi-monthly version of melon shrub, titled "Macro Shrub" which will be a whole new cheaper, condensed and delicious flavouring of illustrations/writings and no doubt some more strange videos of me and melons!!! so i suggest getting excited about it- I know I am!!!

There will also be a new Dazeray feature, every week (im not picking an exact day because knowing me it'll change) in which we shall be posting up doodles, mini comics and the like from both me and daisy's mind! The first should be up either tonight or tomorrow from daisy! get your eyes peeled over at

Hmm...we seemed to have covered alot here- I'm sure there's more but for now, but this will do...I'll leave you with this, my new favourite song today which is by the flaming lips and lightning bolt!

Thanks for tuning in and staying up to date in murray land... you mentalist you

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