Friday, September 30, 2011

Beck's Competition!!!!

Ok! So my beck's art label has been about now for just under a month and I've already heard great feedback and even had pictures sent in- which is awesome! Some people may recall I mentioned I was going to set up a competition related to the bottles, well here it is! I want you to upload a picture of yourself with the beck's bottle in the most imaginative way possible, which can either be uploaded to twitter / facebook or sent to my email ! However you get them to me, I will then be uploading them to my blog- and the winner, which will be picked on november 18th (my birthday) will win fantastic murray based prizes!

The prize currently consists of a signed version of my beck's bottle, with an original piece of artwork inside / a signed copy of Melon Shrub 2 by both me and co-creator Jack Burston / (and what I think is the coolest one) You will become integrated as a character in one of the featured comics in the first issue of Macro Shrub, scheduled for release in January 2012!!!

(I'll chuck in badges and some other goodies and photograph it all soon- for now enjoy these pics of melon shrub 2)

And here are all the possible winning pics I've seen so far: (although from now on- pictures with yourself in it are more likely to win)

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