Thursday, December 2, 2010


Hello hello and hello! It's been far too smegging long since I've updated my blog- mainly due to the vaccuum of my life that is Micro Shrub + Melon Shrub! So let's talk about that first shall we? Yes ok, so I said Melon Shrub would be out by november...may have been a little wrong, BUT it's only because me and jack are striving to make it more badass than ever thought possible! It's all exciting though as "Micro Shrub" will be released in the next week- this will be a downloadable bite sized flavour of melon shrub, a digital sister will be free to shrub onto your screens and enjoy!!! Melon Shrub has been pushed back til the beginning of the new year...but trust me it will be an awesome way to start the new year :D

The bottom line on this is- be very excited as a MASSIVE amount of new exciting material is on it's way very very very soon!!!!!

Here's a little sneak montage of why...

Ok so what else have I been up to!? Well I took part in some live drawing courtesy of "Ballad Of" ( you know that cool magazine!: ) for their two year anniversary! The event was at Jaguar Shoes in shoreditch and I got to draw along side the following illustrative legends!! :

Tom Bates (yoamomonstruos)-
Sandra Dieckmann-
Jamie Mills-
Erd Octotoro (iamanoctopus) -
Natsuki Otani-

and here's a few pics of me on the night- still waiting to get hold of the pics of the finished wall/close ups of the work- was really awesome though and def hope something like that comes up again in the future!!

Ok next up some exposure- hurrah! Was featured in Art Box Magazine!! Which is awesome! A double paged spread mentioning my work! Here's a link to the issue- and also a pic of me with the magazine in question!!

And Just Us Collective created zine with collaboration of 13 of its members ( me included) to make the snazzy, nifty lil E-Spam Zine!! An awesome lil zine for only 3.50! And I got issue numero 1 !!! :O Not sure how many are left but try and get one if you can, if at least to see my ridiculous "Spam-o-lop-a-gop" ! Here's a link for where you can buy the zine- and also the collective link-

Also I'll be in I heart dot dot dot's ( zine coming out in jan...but no sneak peeks, you're gonna have to wait for that lil gem :P

My on going work for an appropriate series for arck clothing is finally coming to an end pending edits to the series- but just to give a heads up- it's Cakes and Balloons!! Check these lil guys out!

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