Thursday, December 30, 2010

New website and a look to the future!!

Hey everyone! Hope we all had a great "Murray" Christmas....ok promise it's the last time I make that pun! The sentiment remains though! And here's for 2011 eh? I decided to give myself a head start and set up a brand new spanking website!! It's not 100% yet as waiting to sort out my domain so it will be set up to which should be in a week or so- but in the mean time check it out! -

Also things to look forward to in 2011-

-My desktop illustration for computers/laptops/ipads/iphones through Just Us will soon be released!

-My contribution to I heart dot dot dot's zine will be unveiled alongside her new zine in the coming month or so!

-My intruder-tron tee design should be on sale alongside the launch of Intruder Records clothing label!

-Melon Shrub 2 will be released in february alongside a hopeful launch party at the end of that month which will include exhibition work/ live drawing from great illustrators / a rare one off return from the band that started it all: LEMON TREE and more!

-New work from Dazeray in the follow up to our exhibition at the "Here and Now" gallery in Falmouth!

-Toastie-o 2 !!!!

Not a bad little list, and that only takes us as far as June!!!! :O Gonna be an exciting year folks, and let me say a big thank you to all of you who take time to follow me, support my art and consider yourself a fan! you guys are LEGENDS!

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