Friday, November 18, 2011

Beck's Competition Winner!

So everyone- my 24th birthday has arrived today and as promised I said I would announce a winner for my Beck's Beer Art Label Photograph Yourself competition! (Really could have had a better name!) Loads of pics were uploaded on facebook, especially of the bottle itself, which is not only flattering but just down right awesome! However I wanted the photograph to be with the person as well as the bottle in an interesting manner, which came down to two last entries- but the winner is... Ruby Taylor! Ruby had obviously put some thought into making this photo and forgetting that it looks arty/cool, she also deserves it for effort! So congratulations to you Ruby, you'll be receiving a melon shrub 2 signed by me and jack burston (co-founder) / a becks beer bottle signed by me / an original sketch / you'll be integrated into our next zine "macro shrub" coming out in january!!

Also the runner up was Catherine Jones, who at the very least will get some sort of cool assortment of stuff off me for sending in such a brave and ridiculous picture of herself! It was a tough call! I've put the winning pictures up below!

Lastly a BIG thank you to everyone who has went out of there way to contact me or upload pictures and congratulate me on the art label- it's greatly appreciated! This was an awesome opportunity and I'm glad so many of you got to enjoy it!

Winning photo- Ruby Taylor

Runner Up- Catherine Jones

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