Friday, June 3, 2011

"You're My Favourite" Exhibition Pics

So the journey to falmouth and back was accomplished by myself and daisy, averaging around 12 hours or so on public transport there and back! We had a great time meeting kate o leary, owner of the Here and Now Shop and seeing all the lovely goodies from all our contemporaries! We got the exhibition up and sorted, and even drew over the window! (daisy has the finished pic so that'll be blogged later...I forgot to take it with the camera I had...oops :P ) Everything is for sale, and If you can make it to falmouth I seriously recommend stopping by and seeing it, as the pics don't do the exhibition real justice! We'll be setting up online sales for daisy's screen prints/ alphabet prints and badges hopefully in the coming month or so, but for now all the fun and excitement is down in the wonderful sunny Falmouth!

Also in Murray news I have a big announcement to make some time this month on a big commission, as well as having contributions to the next issue of AMMO and contributing to the next Versus playing card series- so watch out for them! Also if you haven't heard, Inkygoodness are hosting the second show of the character totems next to the custard factory in birmingham in july!!! There's probably more, but for now thats it!

Here are the pics of the exhibition as promised!

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