Sunday, April 17, 2011

Becks Art Crawl

allo allo! I've got loads to blog about and shout about, but I can't remember half of what they are so screw it and lets just focus on the becks mural that happened this weekend! In a nutshell, becks are celebrating 25 years of using art on their labels, and to celebrate they held a competition for artists to submit a label design of their own which if won, it got replicated as a mural along great eastern street in shoreditch by the very talented end of the line collective, in particular by the hands of a one mr jim vision!

So anyway, yes I won, and yes my design is up on great eastern street, I got to meet both Jim and Matilda from end of the line who were both equally awesome and nice, and saw how jim had managed to reconstruct most of my design through spray paint which pretty much left me speechless- I then of course couldn't help but join in so I grabbed some POSCA'S and went mad with adding detail and the finished thing is up for 2 weeks!!! check it!!!

ohhh and here's some pics....

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