Friday, July 3, 2009

Bits and Bobs

Covering illustration for a new blog, for my multiple time collaborator and friend, Jack Burston. The Picture is of a young Alan Hansen and famous catch phrase although I myself know nothing of football, so interesting! If you are a footie fan it's worth checking out! More pictures of this variety to ensue!

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  1. hey murray :) liking this poster. its very sharp and simple. good simple layout for the first one. the only thing i can really be picky about is the text colour, maybe change the bad bread into red so the colours alternate and therefore break up the long chunk of black text. apart from that minor thing it look mint. the football ones alright but uve toned all of ur mental style out of it so its not as murray-like. good work murray- and good that ur branching out aswell!


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